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Show of quick change and illusionism on stilts

Concept, costumes and direction by Luigi Sicuranza.
Performance by Pietro Rasoti.

Cult performance from Italian Street Theatre.
AltoLivello is unique, one of a kind show featuring comic sketches, quick change and illusionism on stilts to create incredible figures of great visual impact.

A show with no words and no age, marked by the charm of figuration, enjoying great success wherever performed: Italy, Spain, France, Germany, Romania, Croatia, Japan.

AltoLivello offers a new and original figurative theater, presenting a gallery of fascinating characters: the giraffe with her long neck, the blue jellyfish dancing in the light like she's floating in the sea, Aladdin flying without gravity over the heads of the audience, the odalisque, the knight, the dwarf and the unforgettable metamorphosis of the caterpillar into butterfly.
Wonder, magic and fun are guaranteed for all!




AltoLivello was first staged in 1993 thanks to the creativity of Luigi Sicuranza (Sicurteatro Company).

The show developed and Luigi performed in Italy and abroad until 2006.

In those 13 years AltoLivello was performed 999 times and was chosen to represent Italian artists at the Shizouka Festival, in Japan.

Luigi left the show in 2006 because of a serious illness and he never performed again, eventually deciding to leave his most successful show as his artistic heritage. He started then to reach the decision to bequeath his most successful show to someone.


In 2007 Luigi directed the show with a new performer, Pietro Rasoti, who continues staging AltoLivello successfully to this day.


The duration of teh show is 50' minutes. Is possible to represent 2             seperate interventions of 30 minutes each.

- The perfomance space should be, at least, 7m wide x 7m deep.

- It's better to have a sort of wall behind our set that is 4m wide.

- 3 KW of power are required

- The possibility to reach the space with a van.

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