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A show of Miriam Calautti & Pietro Rasoti

Directed by Italo Pecoretti

With original music by Tiziano Fantappie'

Costumes by Miriam Calautti & Pietro Rasoti

A Terzostudio production

Pindarico is a flight hanging between reality and imagination.


It’s the visionary travel of an old pilot guided by his memories.  It’s the adventure of his youth or perhaps a dream with open eyes in a fairy dimension.


The balloon inflates: everybody on board, ready to take-off!


As if we were in a magic lantern, thanks to the evocative power of music and images, we enter a world of extraordinary creatures and unlikely encounters: the dance of a violet and silver octopus, the multicoloured wings of a bird, the nice, balanced movements of a circus monkey, and even an elephant, a dinosaur, a unicorn. The characters are sometimes serious, sometimes funny, but always, thank to the stilts technique, of extraordinary dimension and great visual impact.


The story evolves with surprises and laughter, guiding us in a dreamlike, unexpected and astonishing travel!



Durations: the complete show is 50 minutes.

- Space in level area of at least 900cmx800cm (h.500cm).

- It would be better to have also a wall or a barrier on the backdrop (size of the backdrop 400 cm)

- The Company is autonomous for lighting and sound system.

- An electricity conrectio of at least 3KW is required.

- It is necessary to be able to reach the show space with a van.


In 2016 the Circo Improvviso Company worked on a theater version of the Pindarico show.

The stage lighting was specifically designed by Marco Santambrogio to increase the show's figurative power.

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