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The Circo Improvviso company was born in 2008 and it has been committed to create and promote shows since then.

The actors are both authors and producers of their own shows, which combine the particular languages of contemporary circus, stilts, quick change techniques and theatre of figure. Since its founding, the company has realized hundreds of performances all over Europe.


Circo Improvviso is made up of Pietro Rasoti, Miriam Calautti and Tiziano Fantappiè, tree artists with different backgrounds and skills in theatre, circus, handicraft and costumes production.


The distinctive traits of their production are the radical removal of the limits between different disciplines, the quick change on stilts technique, and the choice of a poetic, subtle, sometimes imperceptible narration, not composed with words, but through music and figurations.


In fact, the company’s peculiarity is the creation of a new and original Figure Theatre, enriched by the precious inheritance of Luigi Sicuranza.


The company has performed in street art festivals, children theatre festivals, conventions, gala dinners, weddings and cabarets thanks to the shows’ universal language and their intrinsic characteristics that are suitable for every kind of public.



Pietro Rasoti was born in Florence (Italy) in 1989.

At the age of 13 he learns the technique of stilts, which will become his strong suit, and he takes up his training participating in different circus related courses and theatre workshops.


At 17 he inherits the show AltoLivello from the artist Luigi Sicuranza, that gives him the possibility to perform with success throughout Italy and abroad.


In 2009 he starts with Miriam Calautti the Circo Improvviso company, and in 2016, after 3 years works, he debuts with the show Pindarico.


Along his career, he collaborates with major national companies, such as Venti Lucenti, with whom he periodically performs at the Teatro dell'Opera in Florence.



Miriam Calautti was born in Torino (Italy) in 1988.

Since her adolescence she came in close contact with the word of theatre, bringing it together, along the years, with circus arts and artistic gymnastic.


Since 2008 she promotes reading and expressive reading workshops in the schools, and she has become a narration's expert for children.

Thanks to her meeting with Pietro Rasoti, she decides to act seriously in this fields and she became the co-founder of the CircoImprovviso company.


She takes part in the mise-en-scène of the show Altolivello, and from 2014 she works at the conception and production of the show Pindarico.


Along the time she has acquired the experience and the skills of a worthy costum designer.



Tiziano Fantappiè was born in Florence in 1990.


His first encounter with the art world was thanks to music.


At the age of twelve, he began practicing electric guitar. This led him, fifteen years later, to graduate at the Luigi Cherubini Conservatory in Florence, Jazz department.


In 2011 he met Pietro Rasoti, who introduced him to the theater world and figure art, establishing a collaboration that is still ongoing. At first Tiziano worked as a technician in the show AltoLivello and then composed the music of Pietro's second show, Pindarico.


In 2017 he made his debut as an actor in Pindarico.


Tiziano embraces every aspect of art, despite composing and arranging music are his deepest passions.

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